My GeorgieĀ 

I am unified,

Connected eternally, Internally, Externally. 

My mother, miscarried myself, My other half, My half bounced wave of my intricate being,

My counterweight

My balance in sway,

In realm and time and forever space. 

In this embrace, We unified. 

We became one spirit, One belief,

That we are truly, uniquely attuned, To one another. 

My perfect everything that I am not, And everything that you are not,

I complete, you complete,

And we can cross this dimension,

This structure of singleness,

Into a new way,

A multiplicity of infinity within me, And infinity within you. 

I am you, exactly and inexactly you,

And you are I, exactly and inexactly I. 

We traverse though any time, And place, space, race, face. 

Our bodies no longer tied to this rigidity, This uniform structure of existence. 

Our powers, unbelievably immense,

Unimaginably dense,

The collision of my time with yours,

Intrinsically weaved and ever changing,

Communication across a new channel,

Shared conscienceness,

Shared beliefs,

Crafting and planning,

Shaping and turning,

Entering a new existence,

To move with love, With passion, With knowledge of immensity,

And purpose,

Overwhelming purpose,

Responsibility, To see every being,

Every thought, action, reaction,

With compassion,

And begin to take shape 

This new understanding of where we are, Who we are,

To live without limits, Love without limits,

Without doubt,

And carry those along the way,

To explore all humanity, All creativetity, all authenticity,

Without judgement 

In the infinite expanse of all the ways I can be I, and all the ways you can be you.

Appreciation for the oddness, The absolute impossible odds of us,

Colliding in this way,

At this time,

In this emotion,

Interpreting the ticking of time,

In how we are equipped to fit,

And in this blip of time,

Understanding that linear being is a construction, a fabrication, to tie us down,

And through our own intuitions, we shall lead onward to become who we were always here,

To be. 

– Julien J. OReilly


Galactic Rulers

We enslave the creator –

our own mothers who gave birth to the world,
to the universe,
all we see, and love, and know.

The mothers rule this earth, in spirit and in giving of life.

We are here to protect them, us men, not rule them…

We take entry into our bodies,
into our very existence,
say our thanks, and then go on to dominate the very existence
we were funneled into.

Look around,
-everything we know,
is because of women,
-everything we love,
is because of women.

Our hearts and souls, bound to our very mothers own.

Give the earth back,
for the rule of women has yet to be felt.
We are failing our planet earth,
our motherly planet earth.
By overcome with greed and power,
both of which were created by man.

I say it’s time to step down from our throne as king, a
nd serve and protect the rightful heir to the galactic rulers,
our mothers, our sisters, our daughters.

Let them lead with love, as only they possess the power to do so…

-Julien J OReilly

the sensation of Time Travel

Your concepts of travel, escape me.

In this notion of space, and time travel that is.

We exist, yes,
in this physical realm around us,
in the bodies formed to protect, to serve, to perform,
and also yet, to predict.

In the Present time, I stand here breathing,
and pulsing,
forwardly projected in that realm we call space, time.

But where are we going?


*written in a bar*

In the eyes of the relationship. 

A reflection of turmoil. Longing for connection.

Unleash your self. Your essence. 

What else is there to live for. Why subject yourself to a painting of your true self.

It’s only a fabric, animation of who you are deep inside, who your parents knew when you first discovered the world. 

It’s okay to take down that sheath. Because we all have it. We’re all in the same cloth, 

just cut to fit our own interest. 

-Julien J. OReilly


A connection in space
only determined by rudimentary means of communication.
Through our words do we relate,
and as our minds mingle amongst the labyrinth of our language
deeper within meaning,
there is a separation that we strive to narrow
to make this connection real.
As two distinct beings, with no concrete means to portray our differences
we want to unite
and feel what others feel.
Each alone, struggling with a complexity of a life
reaching outwards
towards another
hoping for an answer to fill this void
as our hearts seek another
as it was once connected
in the womb
as continuously it searches.

-Julien O’Reilly

Ever More

And Now,
My curious seedling,
bred from the desire of perfection
enriched through the Earth’s ever-flowing matrix
of “lived and let love.”

A masterful garden
who’s roots have spread and veined,
interwoven within a soil of the richest history,

As You Stand At Full Mast,