Return to Happiness

Right now I am happy,
I am content,
I am destined,
I am within the fruition of my labors,
the calmness of my heart,
the stillness of my mind.

I am in this moment, so that I can remember
that I have been here before,
and will return again.

In this trife life I live the rapids of excess,
the turmoil of success,

never enough,
never satisfied.

I live within this gruff,
fortuned and infinite my reach,
yet bleak and grim is my outlook on the eyes turned inward.

I will pray to keep this stillness,
to find my way back to this palace,
swim through teeth grinned waters back to your oasis,
suffered through bullets and burning bombs back to your creation

back to your manifestation
back to your sanitarium
back to your salvation
back to your loving heart’s embracing racing destination.

And If I can and then I will,
and by my will I shall know the peace,
know this feast of scrumptious luscious reflection of beauty and complicated completion
staring back at me through this mirror of my time here…

So have a beer on me on this present being of my moment of peace,
and to you my future self my futures felt,

I prepare a toast to you to remember,
to always remember
that this piece of you is its entirety,
it’s always here,
It’ll always be waiting for your return,

and when ever you steer course in wrong ways,
darkened days
with black bleak waters cursing down in a thunderous haze
of jungles of twisted vines in a torturous maze,

I’ll resurface to your call and clasp your hand,
and lead you back here, to where we will laugh about this all,
and to say –

what a day, what a lesson learned
what a day we had today oh what a day,
oh my Buddha what a day.

So cheers to you adventurer,
cheers to your ups and downs,
cheers to your search for infinite wisdom and happiness
here without time.

Cheers to your will, to your fight,
this life here
is certainly worth living
And most certainly,

it’s worth loving.

-Julien J OReilly