Im in this corridor, and the door, the door is not quite there, it’s multiplying, Shattering down, sequencing, split split split, framed and framed and framed, and this corridor, its not a standard hallway, or tunnel or anything like that, it’s a possibility, it’s an funnel through the interactions of my space. And im sputtering down, down down down, drifting and in drunken control, my face, it takes on these shapes as absorbing the energy around me, taking in all of the impressions, dimples and wrinkles, understandings of the c omplexity of these interactions.  And I’m seeing you, and I’m seeing you for everything you are, and by this I mean in the happiness and joy beset before me, and my reflection of happiness is open and cascading down my forehead, I mirror my presence, absorb your thoughts, and cast back a reflection of your ultimate potential, ultimate connection, higher beings of magnificent peace.  I’ve undressed before you, removed my coat of waxing society sacrifices, ignited my hearts heat and melted down now, for what you see. we are nothing more now than beings in this coridoor, searching the walls, scratching the paint, sometimes we slide, or we crawl, or kick down the triplicating doors.  But take the shapes in here, and molding and frameworked, snapping our knees, truncating our legs, this here is our world, this corridor is just my dream.


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