the sensation of Time Travel

Your concepts of travel, escape me.

In this notion of space, and time travel that is.

We exist, yes,
in this physical realm around us,
in the bodies formed to protect, to serve, to perform,
and also yet, to predict.

In the Present time, I stand here breathing,
and pulsing,
forwardly projected in that realm we call space, time.

But where are we going?

Around me,
I can feel the impact of life,
I can hear the sounds of danger approaching,
I can see what lies ahead,
I can smell what joyous constructions are being stirred up in the kitchen,
I can taste what will prove to nurture me;
at least in this physical sense that we know readily, how to describe.

It is a sense, is it not, the touch of the feel,
how our fingers, caress, form shapes in our mind;
make the sense of this world around us.
It keeps us grounded in the present time,
and alerts us when physical action must be taken in avoidance of bodily harm.

In our eyes we see the light, reflected from all around us,
bouncing infinitely to form an illumination,
again in the present tense.
We’ve been trained to even fill in the gaps, the sense of movement,
when the bird leaps with wings sprawled against the wind,
soaring here to there; we track.
We can react to this, predict motion,
predict placement in the immediate, future around us.
Our eyes, continuously scanning, adjusting, discarding unimportant matters, which for now,
should not concern our physical presence.

Our sense of sound, of vibrations, detected and translated to form a mapping of the world around us.
A sensory perception of movement, Doppler shifted and projected in 3rd dimension in our mind.
Keeping us on our toes, creaking ahead, alert in the wooded nights.

And then we smell,
an alluring sense,
bringing us home from the sand-papered world,
to the comfort of the meal, drawing us near.
To the smell of the first born,
a familiarity bringing us deep within oneself, a sensation, something one cannot quite describe,
but that furtive feeling that we were once that very smell,
lost somewhere in pure comfort.

Importantly though, the smell to remember,
to bring us sharply,
and presently,
to the Past from which we came, from which we born.
This vivid notion of smell,
it draws us,
connects us, to our past.
Whether it is to sharpen our preparation for the world,
to sense that comfort and protection,
or sense that danger in the poisonous fruit our ancestors once learned to avoid.
In the past do or senses of smell live, vibrantly casting its setting sun over our minds.

And within that casting sense, comes our taste, a mulling over, a rolling of flavor over the touch of tongue,
combining the Past and the Present,
linking smell, to the feel and texture of the fruit – smooth or coarse, dripping with flavor, of vigor,
a chance to enjoy life, and to propel our bodies into that gap we’ve narrowed with our eyes.

It is here that we stop,
at the brink of time,
on the edge of our own known Universe,
casting a gaze over the horizon,
ears perked and listening for feedback in the hollowness of our surroundings,
in preparation for the seemingly, sensory, unknown.
Touching our way through the brush,
smelling a sense of safety,
tasting our way, as all beings may in the World.

But, in fact, this is not where our sensations end.
We can take that leap of faith into the known.
What about that hunch, that suspicion,
that gut wrenching feeling, of the Future to come.
What was that you’ve felt, the uncertainty of that path before you,
has it been simply the culmination of all of our teachings from the past,
calculated to represent itself as Danger, or Pleasure?

But take that feeling a step further,
pour yourself into the future.
The weather is unpredictable beyond just a few days ahead,
Chaos rules supreme beyond that realm,
but within that gap,
is the narrow presence of importance,
our measurements and calculations can predict,
assess the future of things to come.

Now, bring that wisdom back,
deep into the mind,
deep into the heart,
into that newborn smell of self – and what do we have,
what resides in that little space which may prove to make all the difference
in the end of Time.
Yes, our sensation of love, which we all possess.
Is this not the missing link.
The pathway which brings us from the past,
propelling us into a little known pathway,
into the Future.

Forget your conventional wisdom of rocket ships,
black holes, forgery of metallurgy,
all of that holds no purpose for us beyond the sensation of the present time.
Those objects can only, and will only connect us with the present.

Our sole indication of living, of sense of self, of World, is in our flesh,
and within that flesh, the emotions of the Universe.
What is that old saying, known throughout all of existence?
A Mother’s Intuition.
What does that mean?
They say the deepest connection,
the deepest love,
is that between mother and child.
That Love brings so much more than simple sustainence,
it brings us universal protection, universal projection,
a greater bubble of permeation,
extending beyond our Fingers, our Noses, our Tongues, our Ears.

We embody the sensation of the Future, through our emotions.

The future holds too complex, too abstract, a value for our programmed minds to fathom.
Too many variables to comprehend in the physical, conventional nature of our beings.
This manifestation of our pathways, our future, is brought about from our most complicated sense,
our richest, most Alive sense:
the emotional sensation of Love.

We live in this completion,
drawn from the past,
pulled towards our futures.
We are at the heart of Time, that we desperately attempt to measure,
but in fact it is webbed and stretched all around us,
throughout us,
and our interpretations of it, we create and manifest,
to propel us, and move us, where our hearts lead us towards.

These feelings are the whiskers of our souls,
brushing against the possibilities of our destinies,
giving us an understanding that supersedes any words or gathered wisdom.
We can choose to receive the messages felt, and in the same sense,
we can choose to receive the love surrounding.
Our openness to receive love, connects us to the world around us,
bringing us sharply in focus for those who seek.
The portal for which love can freely flow, is there all along.

-Julien J OReilly


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