Ever More

And Now,
My curious seedling,
bred from the desire of perfection
enriched through the Earth’s ever-flowing matrix
of “lived and let love.”

A masterful garden
who’s roots have spread and veined,
interwoven within a soil of the richest history,

As You Stand At Full Mast,

The pinnacle of life’s greatest accomplishments
as Chaotic Order has reached it’s latest shape,

We Meet.

Encompassing an entire burning, bursting, flower of light
As gears,
each notched, and fitted among one another
our souls turn the greater mechanism that is Life

It is a forging only visible by the pound of every heart beat
for seeing, touching, sensing: Is only the testing stage with which our vessels unite

Our bodies,
Though ever apart,
Have already laid the first strokes in this ancient tale of love
and Life.

Our Chapter

Has just begun.
And though we question the binding of the pages with which we lay
it is this everlasting forging of life that

Lives Ever More.

-Julien O’Reilly


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